Acid Dyes

Acid dyes are anionic water-soluble dyes that are used to alter the colour of fibres like silk, wool, nylon, and modified acrylic fibres from neutral to acid. The salt formation between anionic groups in the dyes and cationic groups in the fibre is credited with at least part of the attachment of the dye to the fibre. Water-soluble acid dyes do not affect cellulose fibres. Acid dyes are used to dye protein/animal fibres such as wool, silk, mohair, angora, alpaca, and some nylons and synthetics.

Quinoline Yellow

Yellow 3

Brilliant Fast Yellow

Yellow 11

Light Yellow 2G

Yellow 17

Tartrazine Yellow

Yellow 23

Yellow E2GL

Yellow 29.1

Yellow 3GL

Yellow 34

Metanil Yellow

Yellow 36

Milling Yellow R

Yellow 42

Fast Yellow 4NGL

Yellow 49

Fast Light Yellow

Yellow 55

Yellow 2GL

Yellow 59

Fast Yellow S

Yellow 65

Fluorescent Yellow N3GL

Yellow 73

Milling Yellow 4GL

Yellow 79

Yellow GR

Yellow 99

Fast Yellow 4SNGL

Yellow 110

Yellow GL

Yellow 114

Brilliant Yellow 3GL

Yellow 127

Yellow NW

Yellow 151

Yellow RL

Yellow 166

Yellow 3RL

Yellow 194

Yellow A4R

Yellow 199

Yellow 5RL

Yellow 204

Yellow S2G

Yellow 220

Yellow SGL

Yellow 232

Yellow SGL

Yellow 232

Fast Yellow 3R

Orange 3

Orange II

Orange 7

Brilliant Orange R

Orange 8

Fast Orange G

Orange 10

Milling Brown 5R

Orange 51

Yellow 3RL

Orange 67

Orange G

Orange 74

Orange 2RL

Orange 80

Orange RL

Orange 86

Orange MRL

Orange 142

Red 2G

Red 1

Carmoisine Red

Red 14

Scarlet 3R

Red 18

Brilliant RD 4BS

Red 27

Fast Red 2BL

Red 37


Red 51

Rhodamine B

Red 52

Rubine 3GP

Red 57

Crocein Scarlet

Red 73

Red A

Red 88

Red G

Red 97

Red BL

Red 106

Scarlet B

Red 114

Maroon LFS

Red 119

Red 3BN

Red 131

Red AR

Red 141

Milling Red F2R

Red 151


Red 183

Pink BN

Red 186

Brilliant Red B

Red 249

Red SG

Red 315

Light Red 4G

Red 337

Scarlet ML

Red 357

Red 2BT

Red 361


Red 362

Red 8B

Red 410


Red 414

Red H

Red 423

Violet 4BNS

Violet 17

Violet 5B

Violet 49

Milling Red 10B

Violet 54

Dark Violet R

Violet 66

Bordeaux MB

Violet 90

Brown R

Brown 14

Brown 2R

Brown 15

Brown 2RL

Brown 45

Brown DS

Brown 58

Brown NR

Brown 75

Brown 4BX

Brown 78

Brown CCG

Brown 83

Brown MFR

Brown 97

Olive Brown G

Brown 98

Light Brown 2G

Brown 106

Brown GB

Brown 161

Brown NT

Brown 165

Brown HH

Brown 188

Brown B2C

Brown 213

Brown RT

Brown 214

Brown SGR

Brown 282

Brown SR

Brown 348

Brown ESG

Brown 349

Red Brown HBR

Brown 354

Brown MBL

Brown 355

Brown S2R

Brown 357

Brown M2RL

Brown 365

Brown SDL

Brown 402

Red 2RL

Brown 414

Brown GOL

Brown 422

Brown RL

Brown 425

Brown R

Brown 432

Brown ERL

Brown 434

Brown 5G

Brown 452

Napthol Green B

Green 1

Green V

Green 16

Dark Green B

Green 20

Alizarine Green G

Green 25

Dark Green N

Green 68.1

Olive Green MBGL

Green 104

Green BS

Green 111

Patent Blue VS

Blue 1

Patent Blue V

Blue 3

Patent Blue AS

Blue 7

Brilliant Blue FCF

Blue 9

Brilliant Blue FF

Blue 15

Fast Blue 2AL

Blue 25

Indigo Carmine

Blue 74

Navy Blue 5R

Blue 113

Fast Blue GGN

Blue 158

Navy Blue MTR

Blue 193

Brilliant Blue FBL

Blue 277

Blue GLF

Blue 281

Navy Blue SRL

Blue 335

Black 10BX

Black 1

Nigrosine Black

Black 2

Black WA

Black 52

Grey BL

Black 58

Black RB

Black 63

Grey GC

Black 84

Black BGL

Black 107

Black LD

Black 172

Black MSRL

Black 194

Black NT

Black 210

Black NBG

Black 234

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Dislaimer: The Colour tone furnished herein is considered reliable but without guarantee. As Actual dye samples must be evaluated in a laboratory on medium to be dyed in production for accurate shade and physical property results. Shades shown on print material and monitors/paper are for general reference only as they are inherently inaccurate due to calibration variations and technical limitations of monitors and printers.